Get great looking turf
all season long from just
ONE fertilizer application.

Now smart turf professionals have an easy, convenient way to save time and money when you fertilize:

Spread it & Forget it, one-application granular fertilizer.

Spread it & Forget it is a new, advanced, high-efficiency turf fertilizer that is DRIVEN BY DURATION CR® Controlled-Release Fertilizer. It is formulated to effectively feed lawns or professional turf for six months or more. In many parts of the country, that means you get a full growing season's worth of green, healthy turf with just one fertilizer application!

By using Spread it & Forget it season-long fertilizer, you can drive down your fertilizer costs plus save on labor, fuel and other overhead associated with multiple fertilizer applications. On average, using one application of Spread it & Forget it allows you to apply up to 40% less nitrogen per year. This is good for the environment and your bottom line. Like the name says, Spread it & Forget it for greener turf, all season long. You'll add hours to your week by fertilizing less often, and give yourself a competitive edge, all while increasing your profits!
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Driven by DURATION!

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