Get great looking turf all season long from just ONE fertilizer application.

Now smart turf professionals have an easy, convenient way to save time and money when you fertilize.

SPREAD IT & FORGET IT® is a new, advanced, high-efficiency turf fertilizer that is DRIVEN BY DURATION CR® controlled-release fertilizer. It is formulated to effectively feed lawns or professional turf for up to six months. In many parts of the country, that means you get a full growing season's worth of green, healthy turf with just one fertilizer application!

By using SPREAD IT & FORGET IT® season-long fertilizer, you can drive down your fertilizer costs plus save on labor, fuel and other overhead associated with multiple fertilizer applications. On average using one application of SPREAD IT & FORGET IT® fertilizer allows you to apply up to 40% less nitrogen per year. This is good for your bottom line. Like the name says, SPREAD IT & FORGET IT® for greener turf, all season long. You'll add hours to your week by fertilizing less often, and give yourself a competitive edge, all while increasing your profits.

Contact your nearby distributor about SPREAD IT & FORGET IT®   fertilizer and put its many cost-saving, time-saving benefits to work for you. If you have any additional questions, contact customer service below.

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