Product and User Research Proves It Works.

Spread it & Forget it blends and the DURATION CR® controlled- release technology were developed through many years of basic and applied research, both in laboratories and field applications on residential lawns and commercial turf. The combination of real-world experience and advanced polymer technology allowed us to create Spread it & Forget it products that stand up to weather factors like extreme rainfall and temperatures to produce a consistent release over a long period of time.
Spread it and Forget it Release Profile
How Spread it & Forget it
controlled-release fertilizer works.

The key to the steady nutrient release of Spread it & Forget it is an innovative micro-thin polymer coating on the DURATION CR Controlled-Release Fertilizer granules. Once you make your fertilizer application, water passes through the granule's polymer membrane and dissolves the nutrients inside. When activated by contact with soil moisture and warming soil temperatures, the dissolved nutrients pass through the membrane straight to the plant’s root zone, all at a controlled, predictable rate. That steady, long-lasting release enables one fertilizer application of Spread it & Forget it to continually and consistently meet turf's nutrient demands for six months or longer.

Because the nutrient release of Spread it & Forget it depends on temperature, it isn't affected by rainfall or irrigation, which makes it great for lawn fertilization. There's no need to worry about growth flushes or nitrogen runoff from excessive moisture. The membrane coating is also very durable, so the granules stand up to rough handling of spreaders and mowers.
Temperature Controlled Diffustion
By using controlled-release Spread it & Forget it for lawn fertilization, you ensure nutrients are delivered directly to the turf roots, for improved feeding with less threat of nitrogen loss.
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